investment banking toronto

Crosbie offers a broad range of sophisticated investment banking services.

With a reputation and expertise built through advising on hundreds of successful M&A, financing and restructuring transactions over 25 years, we mobilize quickly to provide advice and implement strategies that add significant value for our clients.

We are known for our success with complex situations, our knowledge of the markets in Canada and internationally, and our ability to harness competitive forces to help our clients achieve the best outcomes.

We excel in executing transactions, but are also sought after to provide strategic, valuation and transaction related advice to owners of private companies, shareholder groups, and public company Boards of Directors.

Crosbie is employee owned and independent, allowing us to be totally aligned with our clients and to be a highly effective advocate for their interests. We are also a member of Global M&A Partners, a global partnership of over 35 M&A advisory firms, which greatly enhances our international reach and industry expertise.