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Advising Families & Entrepreneurs

For over 25 years, Crosbie has helped families and entrepreneurs of closely-held private companies assess and implement a wide range of exit, succession and liquidity alternatives. We work on a confidential basis to help them develop and pursue strategies and implement transactions, including: 

We also provide advice to families and shareholder groups in advance of a transaction to assess the business and to provide input on matters such as their state of preparation, value, and steps that might be considered to improve value and saleability.  

In addition to providing expertise and advice, we often facilitate transactions by playing a key role in assisting the various stakeholders in reaching a common understanding and agreement on the strategy being pursued and on important business issues. 

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Sale Advisory

Traxxside Transloading, a specialized logistics services company in Canada, has been acquired by the U-Pak Group of Companies

Sale Advisory

Contract Testing Inc., Canada's leading sensory testing and research firm, has been acquired by Matrix Sciences, a business owned by Imperial Capital

Sale Advisory

South Street Burger, a privately-owned, fast casual restaurant business has been acquired by MTY Group

Sale Advisory

Toronto Tank Lines, a Canadian logistics company, has been acquired by TFI International 

Sale Advisory

Instrumar Limited has sold its Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) Beacon business to Dukane Seacom, a subsidiary of HEICO

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