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June 28, 2021 | Newsletter 

Crosbie/GMAP IoT in Manufacturing Industry Report - June 2021

A few years ago, the Internet of Things (“IoT”) was not on most people’s radar screen.  Today, it is regarded as an important transformative technology and for some manufacturers, one that will become an important secular growth driver.

In view of the IoT’s growing relevance and importance to many companies across a range of sectors, we thought you may be interested in taking a look our IoT in Manufacturing industry report.  This report has been prepared by the Industrials practice team within Global M&A Partners, of which Crosbie is part.   

A few key areas that are touched on in this report include: IoT in Manufacturing Industry Rep.

  • How IoT can improve manufacturing operations, help differentiate products and services, and enhance the customer experience
  • Where IoT fits with other key technologies such as AI, 5G, etc. 
  • Examples of important IoT initiatives for a number of multinational companies
  • Trading/valuation metrics for IoT related businesses 

To read the publication in full, click on the image.


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